29 Apr

I travel to Indonesia at least once a year. Here is a recollection of it:


I am humbled,
As my days are numbered.

Seeing those who live on the edge,
Those who are about to fall off the ledge.

With no way to be fed.
And No roof over their head.

Begging on the street,
No shoes on their feet,
And their faces…
…their faces show a sense of defeat.

The woman I just saw,
She didn’t think she mattered,
Because when she comes home..
She is battered.

The teen who was pregnant,
The baby she aborted,
Was never reported

Covered by desperation
Added by a dose of exasperation.
The life that those people know,
Doesn’t ever show…
Even a glimmer of hope.

Seeing those who live on the edge,
Those who are about to fall off the ledge.

And knowing I fumbled,
My life is unlike theirs.
That’s why…
That’s why I am humbled.



Get Well Soon

26 Apr

My friend had heart surgery yesterday morning. He has been inspiring me to write many poems…since he is an impeccable poet. Here’s what I came up with:

It’s only a matter of time…
When you’ll be
Doing something you always dream


Riding down a stream,
While eating ice cream,
To blow off some steam,
With your team

And winning..

To increase your self esteem,
Because it’s so damn extreme

Not caring what other’s deem,
Because this is only a day dream

As you wake up…

you’re still eating your ice cream
With a spoon…

Because by the next moon,
You will get better soon

Stay Away | day 9 of 30

25 Apr

it’s hard to say,
what I feel today

I don’t mean to be rude,
but you’re killing my mood.
although you rock what’s under the hood…

it’s really hard to say,
why i feel this way.
so its better to stay,
out of my way

-Mega Sugianto

Prick | day 8 of 30

24 Apr

you’re being a prick,
not to mention- a dick
and that’s why I won’t stick

-Mega Sugianto

Lies | day 7 of 30

23 Apr

I won’t lie..
it’s not because I can’t…
it’s because I always rant.

The things you do,
bother me.
And i’m never at ease.

because you seem to come and go
as you please

I’m not a house..there is no lease
Neither am i a schute-there is no quick release

I am human.
a woman by nature,
waiting for the moment.

not for a man.
or for fame
but for independence.


-Mega Sugianto

Men vs. Women | day 6 of 30

22 Apr

Women often are a burdem
with their emotions,
and not to mention,
their unstoppable tears.

I’ve never understood-
Yet, We’ve lived in the same hood.

Men are “simple,”
as many say.
but i beg to differ-everyday

Their brains
are like express trains..
trying to solve issues and such,
and unlike women,
they do so without using tissues and touch.

each uses different
functions of the brain,
it’s hard to train..
and to understand each other’s main

-Mega Sugianto

Life as a Fairy Tale | day 5 of 30

21 Apr

Life is no fairy tale,
there are no stories of whales..
or kittens with snares.

Life is harder to bear,
makes you wanna pull out your hair.

We’re stuck in an office,
which I’ve called my lair
because that’s where I turn to when nothing’s fair

Life is definitely not a fairy tale

-Mega Sugianto